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  The Community Health Improvement Plan

Community Health Plan


The Community Health Assessment (CHA) is a view into the health status of the people that live in Curry County. The assessment process results in an increased understanding of key health
issues facing the community, aids in better planning of services and helps to identify strengths and challenges to address with health care resources.

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

The Curry County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is a community-level plan that aims to improve the health of individuals, families and the community at-large. The plan is community-informed and focused on making meaningful changes through collective impact across many sectors and organizations.

Curry County CHIP Progress Report 2021

Issued by Advanced Health:

  Focus Areas  

There are 7 Focus Areas in the Curry County CHIP.
The Curry CHIP Coalition has a Workgroup to address each Focus Area.
Click the Workgroups below to go to the page for that Workgroup and learn more: the Workgroup's purpose, goals, activities, accomplishments, and how you can help.
Health Systems & Capacity
  • Improve access, integration and delivery of behavioral health and addiction services.

  • Support behavioral health and addiction prevention services.


Identify and support increased access to oral health services and integration with behavioral and physical health services.


Support efforts to recruit and retain providers and increase needed services.

Health Equity

Increase accessible housing availability, affordability and quality of housing and support projects that address homelessness.


Support efforts to decrease food insecurity and increase availability of healthy, nutritious food for all ages.

Community and Families
Youth Seniors.png
  • Support efforts to mitigate trauma and increase resilience

  • Increase support for seniors and youth including programs that address social isolation.

  • Support collaborative efforts focused on youth, such as the early learning hub and school-based health centers.

Economic 1.png
  • Increase education about poverty and programs related to reducing poverty.

  • Support efforts to increase traditional/community health care workers.

  • Increase programs to train and educate home-grown medical providers.

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