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Eating nutritious food and maintaining a healthy diet are important to individual health. Poor nutrition has been shown to increase risk for various chronic health conditions and to increase morbidity and mortality. A healthy food environment includes access to healthy foods and food security. Access to food has many facets including the cost, distance and availability of fresh and healthy food options. The USDA defines food insecurity as lack of access to enough food for all members in a household and limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate foods. 1 in 4 children (24.5%), aged 18 and younger in the county remain food insecure, higher than the state average. Overall, residents of Curry County experience more food insecurity than in the state as whole.


Higher than Oregon State

Lower than Oregon State

Food Insecurity

Adults and children living with food insecurity

Food Access

SNAP authorized retailers

WIC authorized stores

Soda Consumption

8th graders drinking sodas

Adult soda consumption

Fresh Food Consumption

Adults consuming fruits and vegetables

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