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   Workforce and Economic Development  


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The purpose of our Workgroup is to educate people about poverty and programs related to reducing poverty, increase traditional/community health care workers, and create programs to train and educate home-grown medical providers in Curry County. We will increase access to care and reduce poverty-related threats to community health by promoting information about poverty’s adverse health impacts, and by expanding local health care training and employment opportunities. 



Our Workgroup includes the Executive Director of the Southwestern Oregon Workforce Investment Board, the Executive Director of the South Coast Development Council, a Career Consultant with South Coast Business Employment Corporation, and an academic advisor with Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC).


In early 2020 this Workgroup merged with the Curry County Workgroup of Southwestern Oregon Workforce Investment Board (SOWIB). The SOWIB meetings are open to anyone who is interested. Attendees typically include a mix of Curry employers and educators, economic development specialists, state employment and human services representatives, local government officials, and county residents with relevant areas of expertise or concern. As a group, we keep each other informed about ideas and opportunities to collaborate on work-readiness for youth, workforce capacity-building, and projects in progress.


The Oregon Employment Department reports high demand for workers in the health care sector. So we are focused on promoting youth and adult awareness of health care careers, and providing realistically accessible training. SOWIB has helped SWOCC double its nursing instruction capacity, established Oregon’s first Medical Assistant Apprenticeship program, and created and delivered three Community Health Worker trainings during 2020. A new 8-week Community Health Worker training sponsored by SOWIB will begin in April. Since the pandemic, our connection with SOWIB has greatly facilitated acquisition and distribution of gloves, masks, and other protective equipment for health care workers.


We see enormous opportunity in the months ahead to develop and implement more projects addressing the combined health and economic needs of Curry County residents.


We welcome new members

Please join us! 

Ideas and input are always welcome. To be notified of SOWIB Curry County Workgroup meetings, please send us an email.


Economic 1.png

 Workforce and Economic Development



Meetings: Third Thursday of every month
Time: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Location: Virtual Meeting
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