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   Youth and Seniors  


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Our purpose is to help foster greater collaboration and communication in the work being done in Curry County to support youth and seniors.  Through collaboration, we hope to enhance the social-emotional health of our community members, strengthen the protective factors that aid in family preservation and increase the coordination of services and systems aiding youth and seniors. 



Our Workgroup is made up of professionals and community members from organizations such as Harmony & Me Music (intergenerational music program), Coastline Neighbors, South Coast Regional Early Learning Hub, Every Child Curry, Curry Juvenile Department, Curry Public Library, South Coast Older Adult Behavioral Health Initiative and the Gold Beach Senior Center.  We are passionate about caring for the most vulnerable in our communities.



Our goals are based on improving data points from the 2018 Community Health Assessment that have to do with decreasing social isolation in youth and seniors, supporting youth in foster care and improving foster care stability rates, and increasing school readiness opportunities for low income children.

The current work being done by our group involves intergenerational music classes & senior cyber labs, weekly checks-ins and shopping services for seniors, meal service for seniors and foster families, foster family support services (essential tangible needs, tutoring/enrichment program and foster parents’ night out event), training and connection activities for older adults and academic support for adolescents in Gold Beach through the Curry Public Library.


We are passionate about increasing the social-emotional health of vulnerable youth and seniors in Curry County and we hope to better promote the existing various programs and services to support this population.


We welcome new members

And many of the organizations involved in our workgroup have an ongoing need for volunteers to support their programs and services.

Please join us!  

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 Youth and Seniors



Meetings: Last Wednesday of every month
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Virtual Meeting
Request a Zoom Meeting Link
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